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Celebrating our wildlife rangers on World Ranger Day! - Jul 2022

Posted 18 Jul 2022

Wildlife rangers are the heroes of the conservation movement. Without these brave and dedicated people, many more Sumatran tigers would ...

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Partner Profile: GoodWill Wines - Paying it Forward - Jun 2022

Posted 21 Jun 2022

You may already know that our friends at Goodwill Wine donate 50% of their profits to us, which ...

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Towards a Tiger Friendly Nagari - Jun 2022

Posted 21 Jun 2022

West Sumatra is some of the most important habitat for the Critically Endangered Sumatran ...

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Meet the new Tiger Team! - May 2022

Posted 18 May 2022

Thanks to funds donated by our wonderful supporters, we’ve been able to form a new Tiger Patrol Team ...

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What is extinction in the wild? - May 2022

Posted 16 May 2022

Scientists estimate we have less than ten years to save Critically Endangered species like tigers, elephants and orangutans from Extinction.

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Interview with Wildlife Veterinarian Dr Christopher Stremme - Apr 2022

Posted 19 Apr 2022

To celebrate World Veterinary Day on 24 April, we spoke to Dr Christopher Stremme, one of the senior ...

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The West Sumatra Tiger Team is nearly ready to patrol! - Mar 2022

Posted 15 Mar 2022

In West Sumatra, in a region called Nagari Sontang, lives one of the most important populations of Sumatran ...

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Sustainability, farming and forest protection in North Sumatra - Mar 2022

Posted 15 Mar 2022

We're working with women, farmers and villagers to save the Leuser Ecosystem. We’re proud to have supported the Sustainable Green Sumatra ...

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International Women’s Day - interview with Dyana - Mar 2022

Posted 08 Mar 2022

For International Women’s Day, we spoke to Dyana Permata Sari who works in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem with the Frankfurt ...

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Human-tiger conflict in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem - Feb 2022

Posted 16 Feb 2022

Concerning news from Sumatra

Our ground partner, Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), has recently reported a number of incidents ...

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